hi! my name’s savannah andmy favorite color is teal. but you didn’t come here to learn my favorite color, you came here to learn “about” me. my testimony is under my blog post “my story” if you want to learn more about, well, “my story”.

im born and raised in the sunshine state and im currently enrolled in a high school named homeschool, where the uniform is my pajamas and the snack breaks are constantly. literally. don’t know the answer? eat some goldfish and try try again. usually works. anyways, im in an amazing student ministry that constantly challenges and builds my faith, and i truly don’t know what I’d do without them. i have an older sister who’s a lot cooler than me, she plays the drums (although, she’d be even cooler if i could convince her to join a drum circle) and her favorite pastime is getting bugged by yours truly. (not).

my hobbies are playing softball, playing the harp, and hanging out with my friends. yes, i play the harp. why? idk man all my friends play piano or sumthing i wanted to do something different.

anyways, this is me (cue the greatest showman).


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